ServiceMaster DCS Upholstery – Carpet/Area Rug Cleaning Disclaimer and Liability Release

We know your rugs are important to you and we will treat it with care as though it were our own. All work at ServiceMaster DCS is carefully performed by responsible, professionally trained technicians following IICRC industry guidelines. There are some potential risks in cleaning rugs, and we want you to be aware of them ahead of time.

1. Some conditions cannot be corrected with cleaning. Our results may be limited by the conditions and nature of an item being cleaned. We cannot be held responsible for pre-existing conditions, manufacturer/use-related problems, or limitations caused by unusual conditions. Preexisting conditions are noted upon initial inspection, but some conditions may not be noticed until during/after cleaning or upon closer examination.

2. Urine Stains / Odor: There is no guarantee on odor removal. The only way urine odor can be removed from a rug is by fully immersing the rug. Urine can damage the dye/fiber bond causing colors to bleed and deterioration of fibers.

3. On Occasion Cleaning Can Cause: Shrinkage, buckling, cellulose browning, texture change, splitting / fraying/deterioration/disintegration of worn or aged fibers, de-lamination/backing separation, texture change, discoloration of the backing, latex odor, appearance of white knots. Pooling/Shading may become more highlighted.

4. Colorfastness: Varies depending on the materials and dyes used in manufacturing. We test rugs for dye stability before cleaning and take appropriate precautions to mitigate dye migration. However, on occasion the dyes in a rug behave in a way that we could not anticipate. Fugitive/ Migrating/Bleeding dyes could occur during cleaning.

5. Fringe: Heavily soiled fringe requires a more aggressive cleaning method which could result in the fringe tassels untying or the end of the rug to pull away/unravel.

6. Specialty Spotting: We cannot guarantee 100% removal of all spots/stains. This especially applies to natural fibers because of their absorbency and sensitivity. Previous use of store-bought spot cleaners with high alkalinity can damage the fiber or discolor/bleach the color. Aggressive products required to remove some difficult stains have the possibility of removing color.

7. Cleaning Cost: Cleaning cost does not include additional services to mention a few; (spotting, pet odor treatment, scotch guard, pickup and delivery over 5 miles distance from our shop, fringe cleaning, sanitizing, etc..).

By scheduling carpet and or area rug cleaning you are giving ServiceMaster DCS permission to use Reducing/Oxidizing agents if deemed necessary to remove pre-existing stains with the understanding of the above-listed condition that they may permanently remove color, particularly from natural fibers.

Our liability under any circumstance will be limited only to the amount of our cleaning charges. Your authorization to do the work indicates that you understand that there are risks involved beyond our control and with these conditions in mind you are authorizing ServiceMaster DCS to do the work at your own risk, holding ServiceMaster DCS harmless from liability and agree to all conditions listed on this disclaimer.