Fire damage restoration guide from the experts at ServiceMaster DCS.

Seeing your home and precious possessions consumed by fire can be one of the most severe losses that a homeowner can experience. After such a devastating loss, reassurance comes from having clear guidance and support in salvaging as much as possible from fire damage and smoke/soot damage.

At ServiceMaster Restore®, our technicians are more than talented professionals; they’re caring people ready to get you back in your home as quickly as possible, while keeping you informed every step of the way after a fire damage.

Fire damage goes beyond burning items

  • Ash and smoke can continue to cause damage and corrosion to materials if they are left behind.
  • Odors from smoke will stay in a room or a home long after the fire and continue to cause problems if they are not removed.
  • In a few minutes, walls and other surfaces can be discolored after a fire damage.
  • In a few hours, finishes on kitchen appliances turn yellow.
  • Smoke causes etching in glass after just a short time, and smoke will tarnish metal quickly.

Not all fire damage is the same. Our fire restoration process is thorough and proven. It includes:

  • Identifying the source to determine the type of fire that occurred
  • Evaluating the areas that are wet as a result of firefighting that may need treatment
  • Remediating water damage (if any)
  • Evaluating sensitive materials that may be damaged as a result of smoke and soot particles
  • Removing contents from the home after fire damage, including:
    – Collecting immediate items you may need for the next seven days such as clothing, prescriptions, toys, school books, business needs, etc
    – Packing out the remaining contents for cleaning and storage
  • Performing structural restoration, including:
    – Removing any charred contents that may seal in smoke such as insulation and burned wood
    – Evaluating carpets and floor coverings that may need to be removed
    – Inspecting the framing of the house and subfloors for safety
    – Treating affected surfaces for smoke odors and sealing to keep any leftover odors from leaking back into the house
  • Cleaning, eliminating odors and deodorizing surfaces to pre-loss condition after fire damage
  • Returning items to the original location and helping to restore your normal life

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