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Vandilisim cleanup services
Graffiti cleanup services
Graffiti artists not only hurt the image of your business by defacing your property, their “art” also invites other vandals. Quick removal of graffiti can prevent additional damage and expense.

ServiceMaster Restore® efficiently removes vandalism substances like graffiti from walls, floors, or furnishings, which greatly aids the restoration process.
ServiceMaster Restore professionals are available 24/7/365, offer emergency services, quick response time, are licensed, insured and bonded and work with all major insurance companies.

Vandalism is a very personal and emotionally upsetting crime. Not only has someone invaded your home or business, but the damage to personal belongings, including graffiti, can cause great anxiety.

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We efficiently remove vandalism substances, like graffiti, from walls, floors or home furnishings which greatly aids in the restoration process. Customers and insurance professionals rely on ServiceMaster Disaster Cleanup Services to assess the proper steps toward vandalism cleanup and restoration in a timely and courteous manner

ServiceMaster Disaster Cleanup Services staff and Tech's are compassionate to your needs and do understand your situation, Please follow some of the Do's and Don’ts instructions if your property has been looted or vandalized:


  • Do wash any egg or other residue from the building exterior.

  • Do remove any debris or food from carpets or interior walls. Scrape or blot carpets and furniture--do not rub.

  • Do vacuum glass particles from carpet and upholstery. Do not walk barefoot in the area of glass residue.

  • Do save any information about the type of liquid that was spread over surfaces.

  • Do make a list of all damage items

  • Do call ServiceMaster Disaster Clean Services at (800) 843-8415


  • Don't attempt to remove chemical stains such as ink or paint.

  • Don't operate damaged electrical appliances.

  • Don't throw away damaged wood chips or other small articles. They might be helpful for repair.

  • Don't use household cleaning products on fabrics, upholstery, or carpet without consulting your professional cleaner.

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