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Black Mold History Chicago

Black Mold History
Since the outbreak of the 1930s in Eastern Europe, study of Stachybotrys had continued and there was increasing information reported on toxic black mold. However it was not until 1986 that a case of people being affected by toxic black mold growing indoors was reported.

In Chicago, a family lived in a home for five years with toxic black mold growing in it. During this time they showed symptoms of stachybotryotoxicosis. These included skin and throat irritation, headaches, sickness, flu and cold symptoms, diarrhea and tiredness.

Testing of their home found toxic black mold spores in the air. Stachybotrys was also found growing on building materials in the home and on some organic materials. These materials had become wet from a moisture problem in the house.

  Testing also found trichothecenes in the air, a type of mycotoxin produced by toxic black mold. These mycotoxins were found to be highly toxic when tested on animals. After the toxic black mold was removed from the house the family's health problems faded away.

Toxic black mold started coming to the public's attention even more after 1993-1994. Almost 30 infants were found to have pulmonary hemorrhage in Cleveland, Ohio after their homes were flooded. Several of the infants died from the lung disease. Later investigation of their homes revealed toxic black mold growing in the houses.

Because of its high toxicity, toxic black mold has been used as a biological weapon, beginning with the Yellow Rain attacks during the Vietnam War. The "Yellow Rain" was actually concentrated T-2 trichothecene mycotoxins harvested from toxic black mold.

Later on, T-2 mycotoxins were again used during the Iraq-Iran war by Iraq under Saddam Hussein. It has also been proposed that biological weapons made from toxic black mold were the cause of Gulf War syndrome. Biological weapons made from toxic black mold were also created by the Soviet Union.

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Black Mold History

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